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Directors:  TBA

Screenwriters:  Debra Mategrano and Diana Mategrano

Genre:  Supernatural Horror


The disappearance of Paisey’s missing sister has hit a wall, so to keep the case momentum moving, Paisey embarks on her own amateur investigation. With her boyfriend Griff, kleptomaniac brother Shawn, and friends Arnie and Rose, the gang stumble across Grace, an elderly woman who shares the details of her own sister’s eerily similar disappearance from decades prior. The encounter sends the group down a road much less traveled and into the vicinity of Norman Ross; an old-hermit living off the grid and harboring a very dark secret in the form of a classic car.


In a sick twist of fate, the young twenty-somethings find themselves behind the wheel of a flesh-eating car as they race to escape the wrath of a very unhinged Norman Ross. Unaware of how the killer-car works, the group unwillingly embarks on a blood-fueled journey, leaving a trail of death, despair, and destruction in its wake.


A Sharp Mind

Director:  TBA

Screenwriter:  Jeff Kongs

Genre:  Psychological Thriller

Producer: Robert Dean, Jeff Kongs

Cast: Dee Wallace, William McNamara, Jeff Kongs


Sandra Price was barely twenty years old the day she saw her sister and friends brutally massacred. As the only survivor, Sandra has always felt her purpose was to help others in need of survival. 


Throughout her life, her experiences have been used as a healing aide not only to herself, but to millions of others across the country. She has written books, led focus groups, and for years hosted a highly successful and influential podcast. But good things don’t last forever. Alzheimer’s Disease has taken hold of her once lucid mind and forced her to quit her weekly podcast. 


Sitting alone at home with nothing but her warped memories, her past and present begin to collide.  


When a set of gruesome murders begin taking place around town, the cops start sniffing around Sandra as she seems to be inexplicably linked. Has Sandra’s disease confused her brain to the point she no longer knows what she is doing, or is someone out there taking advantage of her and her weakened mind? 

Updated Poster 4.28.jpg

Director:  Tom McLoughlin

Screenwriter:  Jeff Kongs

Genre:  Dark Horror Comedy


Marie Harvey has no idea what just happened.

She sits among a pile of hacked up bodies on the street and winces from the pain of a bullet lodged in her own leg. A police officer stares at her in horror as she tries to piece together what just occurred. And that’s when she sees it on the sidewalk. The shiny, sharp metal object she’s been craving.

A machete.

Five months before the rampage on the streets of a small suburb, Marie and her husband Teddy move into a charming new two-story house. It’s not easy being a middle-aged couple fighting a stagnant marriage, but they believe that the purchase of a new home will jump start their dwindling romance.

But that’s when they feel and hear the machete calling to them from the shed in the back yard.


It starts with a headache.

Then a slow chant, seemingly drawing them towards it. And once they pick it up and feel its power, they become enchanted killing machines. And they’re not the only ones that the machete is calling.

Steady Machete is a dark horror-comedy with a very strong pair (m/f) of protagonists. Their relationship, not only with each other but with the situation, is what carries the soul of this movie. It is built on the idea of being satisfied with what you have rather than craving what is forbidden. Think of it as marriage counseling in a dark, obsessive, fun horror-film kind of way.

Silent Express

Director:  TBA

Screenwriter:  Jeff Kongs

Genre:  Horror/Psychological Thriller


Attention shoppers!

If you’re in the market for a fresh kidney, look no further. How about a nice shiny set of clean lungs?

Make us an offer!

We’ve got the purest body parts your little heart desires. Oh! And we sell hearts too! Where do we get our wonderful inventory? We hand select only the finest victims money can by, because we know that quality is all that matters.

We store them in electronically sealed cages inside our sound-proof big rig truck, The Silent Express. It’s custom designed to prevent any chance of escape, and formatted with a wide variety of weapons and torture devices. And best of all, it’s built to travel the long roads of America in peace and quiet until we reach our potential buyers south of the border.

So come on down and check out our newest payload. We are the best for a reason, come see for yourself!

Life is truly a journey my friends, don’t miss the ride! 

silent express poster.jpg
poster idea1a.jpg
Unleash the Dead

Director:  TBA

Screenwriter:  Jeff Kongs

Genre:  Horror


What happens to the soul of a zombie?

It's 3:04 am. The clock flashes it's devilish red eyes across the room. I sit up in bed and stare at the darkness. The shape floating above me I've seen before. I recall it was buried 6 feet deep in a grave I dug with my own shovel. He tried to get me once and I thought I had ended his ravenous obsession. Nobody could have survived what I did to him. Yet, here he is again. As close as two intertwined souls can be. He touches my neck with his fingers and leaves a deep and vibrant mark for all the world to see. Whether by flesh or by spirit, he is my companion for all time.

For I am the reason he always comes back. 

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