Directors:  TBA

Screenwriters:  Debra Mategrano, Diana Mategrano, Aaron Milus, Joshua Milus

Genre:  Supernatural Horror


A classified ad turns up in the local paper selling a hard-to-find classic car. Some young thieves, Paisey and Griff, along with a few other friends, decide to steal it, and use the profits to get out of town. Little do they know, the car belongs to an old hermit, Norman Ross, who harbors a dark secret: the car EATS people and feeds their life energy to him, keeping Norman unnaturally young for decades.  

When suspended local Sheriff’s Deputy, John Truman discovers the trail of missing people leading to Norman, he and his partner Robyn Blonsky chase down every lead, hoping to bring justice—and closure—to the unthinkable, unbelievable, unpredictable murder spree, before Norman and his car can claim another meal.  

A Sharp Mind

Director:  Andy Palmer

Screenwriter:  Jeff Kongs

Genre:  Psychological Thriller

Cast: Dee Wallace, William McNamara, Jeff Kongs


Sandra Price has always been a loner. In many ways, she feels this is the only way to live her life. But when a horrific slaying leaves her as the only survivor among her group of friends, her endurance of solitude is put to the test.

Sandra is also plagued with a spreading Alzheimer’s disease that is making it more and more difficult to do what she loves. She has been helping others grapple with their own tragedies for years by hosting a weekly podcast series and truly believes her stories will inspire others. But her disease makes distinguishing the events of the past with the events of the present all the more difficult.

When a set of gruesome murders begin taking place around town, the cops start sniffing around Sandra as she seems to be inexplicably linked. Has Sandra’s disease confused her brain to the point she no longer knows what she is doing, or is someone out there taking advantage of her and her weakened mind?


Director:  TBA

Screenwriter:  Jeff Kongs

Genre:  Dark Horror Comedy


Teddy and Marie just moved into the neighborhood. They believe this change in scenery will spark their marriage, but the neighborhood has other plans. 


First you feel the headache. Then a slow chant, seemingly calling you towards a mysterious shed in the backyard. The feeling takes over your mind. The next thing you know, you have it in your hands and there is nothing in the world you've wanted more. It's yours now and nobody can take if from you without killing you for it. And you welcome the blood bath.


Steady Machete is a dark horror-comedy with a very strong pair (m/f) of protagonists. Their relationship, not only with each other but with the situation, is what carries the soul of this movie. It is built on the idea of being satisfied with what you have rather than craving what is forbidden. Think of it as marriage counseling in a dark, obsessive, fun horror-film kind of way. 

be our neighbor

Director:  TBA

Screenwriter:  Aaron Milusz

Genre:  Supernatural Horror


2130 Greatland Avenue isn’t the nicest or largest house on the block, but to Max, Lila, Randy & Daisy, it’s a dream come true. All in their early 20s, the idea of throwing each of their life savings’ into ONE home doesn’t have to be “smart” to be awesome. 


But as soon as they move in, things are...Off. 


Every neighbor they meet is either invasive, obsessive, or overly, suspiciously polite. On their very first night, they discover a man from the neighborhood hiding in their basement, giggling to himself... 


From then on, there’s a pervasive feeling that someone— or someTHING— wants to get inside the house; that no matter how many doors they lock, they’re never truly safe. 


With each roommate having different encounters, it takes some time to discover that their neighbors aren’t just strange, they’re POSSESSED, and 2130 Greatland Avenue is actually the object of a supernatural turf war between malevolent spirits...

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